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1. Awakening

Hear the sound of masses, their isolated pains; No longer is the wisdom innocence betrays; Sleeping still I may not, visions that we share; Pace along this dark road, wetted by their tears; A prelude ...

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2. Chemical Dreams

Entering my room of fun; In you go; Deforming all that it contains; Umbibing you in pleasure pains; It's placed in your head my son; Don't you know; I will leave a lasting trace; Torn from my smotheri...

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3. Left Meaningless

We lay down ourselves in ignorant absensce; No lasting word we will find as there is none; For words we will crave; Moments as they fail; Answers seem to lack, questions still left unasked; We're not ...

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4. Messiah Mask

Questions burn; Caught in persuasive rational words; Take his hand; And he will take away your hurts; Vicious lies; The so called chosen one decides; Confusing; Ensuring your mental demise; Exalting c...

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5. Play Of Compassion

I raise my hand to catch a thought within an imaginary word; Their voice is not but still i hear; Your sin i'll be, complicity will free you; Hear me out and once again bleed for me; Seems so strong b...

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6. Silenced

They sound so loud and clear to me in hopeless distance; But drowned in cynical laughs; Determination waved goodbye and went away; My eyes grew weary; Silenced in a cold and paralizing stream; Struggl...

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7. Slip Of Tongue

So here it is my friend; An invitation to this monologue of contradiction; This display of emotions; Makes you hunger for more; Disposed of reason; Listen to every word that will be spilled; Some stra...

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8. To The Things That Were

Minutes ticking away, it seems endlessly; A desperate face, creative ways; To extend the time; The wait is sickening; All that is gained, multiplied pain; Soon will be gone; Memories remain, still the...

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9. Too Short A Season

Sudden loss of time; Dance to a weird symphony of; Timeless acts in perfect sound; Ìn perfect memories; Placed in this position of stagnancy; Logic Lost Proportion; In a seemingly unendless cycle; Lef...

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