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1. All Over My Head

Is that a dark cloud over my head? Is that a voice or am I seeing red? Is that me or was it something you just said? Was that a mad look I caught in your eye? Secret signals or a trick of the light? A...

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2. Anywhere Loud

Anywhere I wanna go; Anything that I need to know; Any place I need to see; Is right here and in front of me; Any sound I wanna hear; I'll take heed and I will lend an ear; And play it loud 'til I'm s...

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3. Let Me Throw My Life Away

You say I throw my life away; Wasting precious time; It may seem shady; But hey at least it's mine; You'll never see it the way I do; Never hear it quite as loud; Different strokes; For a different ki...

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4. Uh Huh

Said there's gonna be; Some messin' around, uh huh; Said you're gonna be the toast; Of the town; Said you're gonna make it uh huh huh; Go high visibility; Radio ok, preferably tv; You're the one uh hu...

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