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1. All The Good Things

Can we stay here; In a still dream; Where the fan blows; Soft and cool on everything; All the sharp pains; Of a new day; They don't seem so; Hard to take when I'm around; All the good things about you...

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2. El Dorado

We drive all morning; We caravan; Out past the last homes; The golden land; We place our pallets; Where satellites fall; And build a fire; Across the desert sky; I just want to celebrate tonight; I ju...

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3. Eyes

Sure as you walk; I'll be waiting patiently; In the window above the street; Clear to the park; Where you circle as routine; Every afternoon I know just where you'll be; Year after year; As the vines ...

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4. Left Behind

I'd climb up your stairwell; If you were still home; The people who moved in; Brought such horrible, tacky things; I try not to think how; They covered the holes; That we left behind; Is it too tough;...

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5. New Dark Age

New Dark Age; Wind swept through August; Caught a malaise; Killed off the hours; With pills and champagne; Oh but I laze through the days; Just the same; To store my strength; For courage in this new ...

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6. Requiem On Water

Snowy paddle through the lake; Straight to the very center of the darkest water; Where we can embrace the shadows on the surface; The eyes that look up lifeless; From our twins below; And though your ...

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7. You Wake Me Up

I wanna stare back in your eyes; 'Til the fire dies and all that's left is this; I was living all in my mind; You're the only that shows me what I miss; You know we've got the best thing going; You kn...

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