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1. Anthem of Valour

Hear the warriors' song; That rings above the sky; Feel the ground shake beneath you; Hearken the battle cry! See the field lit with fires; Ten thousand men are here tonight; Listen: Death's wings are...

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2. Aryavarta

Aryavarta, land of the North; Country of legend and tale! Ancient empire, forgotten in time; Memories ghostly and frail; You were the greatest force of your time; Land of astonishing power; Confederat...

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3. Funeral March


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4. Hallow the Morning Sun


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5. Turn the Sun Off

I. The Presage; There is a permanent fire; Burning inside our hearts; We shall never betray; Our purity of Gods; But those who choose to be weak; Those who linger behind; Those who always retreat; The...

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6. Wings of Your Heart

At the beginning of every day; You know what lies ahead; Petty grey days without an end; Time exchanged for bread; Life has no meaning and will soon end; You will rot in the sand; The only thing that ...

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