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1. Abhorrence

Abhorrence; I am before all Gods; I am before all days; I am before all men and legend of men; I am before all kings; No man may seek my resting place; No man may see the shadow out of time; No man ma...

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2. Ancient Rage

Ancient Rage; The Gods of the stars are seven; Their have their seven gates; They are approached by seven seals; And seven material essences; The Zonei; The seven deadly sins; The curse of seven oaths...

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3. Defunct Dimension

Defunct Dimension; Ancient place, former time; Alien sphere, nameless fight; Ia Azag Zu; Ia Azag Ag; Ia Sothot Agga; Ia Sothot Shiru; Weird pain, dark lair; Silent grave, aimless name; You will know w...

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4. Eternal Might

Magabathi-Ya Nanna Kanpa! Ia Athzothtu! Ia Angaku! Ia Zi Nebo! Rabbmi Lo-Yak Zi Ishtari Kanpa! Zi Shta! Zi Daraku! Zi Belurduk! Ia Nergal-Ya! Ia Zi Annga Kanpa! Ia Marrutukku! Suhrim Suhgurim! Bel Zi ...

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5. External Extinction

External Extinction; Lammashta - the sword that splits the flesh; Ishtar - concelebration of sin and wrath; I was awakened by the howl of a dog; I could not move or speak for the fear; That seized upo...

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6. Love Is The Law (love Under Will)

Love Is The Law (Love Under Will); But what is right? For nothing is wrong and nothing against; The virtues of liars, the vices of saints; No truths divine, no serious reply; And nothing for sure, per...

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7. Necronomicon

Necronomicon; The diary of insanity, the implacable call; Thrown into oblivion, thremendous revolt; Despair's testimony of the servent of the Gods; The lair of the aversion and of the upcoming force; ...

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8. Persecutor

Persecutor; Aggresion is what I am - my hatred; Cruelty is inside of me - my duty; Curse is the reason of your endless anguish; My justice is what let me to pass the sentence; Hypocrisy is what you ar...

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9. The Rest Is Silence

The Rest Is Silence; The tide of advancing humanity has changed the world; False wisdom of conspicuous reality has driven me mad; Mythical beings of all sorts and kinds are flying; memory; Forms of wh...

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