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1. Apocalyptic Blizzard Regime

Lord, lord of winter death.... Attack! Leave, leave no human soul... Intact! Rape this world and spew thy evil seed; Blanket of white and blizzard stampeed!!! Azure Aura, transform to white; Winter st...

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2. Astral Frost Invocation

We are fucking ice; Frozen spirits of ancient ancestry; Arise in union incestuously; Brother ocean, sister air; Chaotic upheaval I declare! Råvaskieth - offspring of winter death; Show thy fury with a...

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3. Behold Thy Frozen Arctic Kingdom

Cryonic, frostbitten, cold and dead; No trace of human life, not one shred; Across the open sky... ravåskeith flew; Crystalline, destructive, hateful and true! Desolate despair covers the earth; Casca...

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4. Cascade Cavern Catharsis

Alas! We gather in northern blackness; Preparing the frozen soul mass; Ritual tablets in place; Let this dark coven make Haste! Bring forth the first child unbound; Slice him them pass it Around! Stai...

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5. Convulsing Frigid Death

It'll come at night, while you sleep; When you wake it'll be too late; Sirens, foreboding, emergency; Winds will roar like never before; Panic, screaming, chaos, family disown; Every man for his own; ...

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6. Glacial Lyckanthropic Horde

Down, in the snow, watch the wind formation go; Turn, all around, twisting, morph, into the hound; Rise, demon lord, Gåmork, bring forth, rabid horde; See, Råvaskieth, unleashing the wolven teeth! Cha...

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7. Hypothermic Possession

My flesh is freezing, I'm barely breathing, I hear you in my mind:; “Rise up servant, Take my Hatred, Cast it on mankind!”; Yes my master, possess me faster, I want to be the one! “Guide my demons, Le...

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8. Onward Banshee Legions

Terrain, quickly, grows dry, goes dead; No tree, bears fruit, all crops, now gone, Gone! Livestock dying, sea life, frozen; No food, no warmth, no where, to go Now! Desert valley, covered, in white; U...

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9. Råvaskieth's Revenge

YEAHHHHHAHHHHHAHAHAHAHHHHHH! WWWAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Metem, psychosis; Up, from thee abyss; Cold, hearted spirits; Out, for their, revenge; COLD! the touch of the dead; COLD! the blood tha...

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10. Shadowsouls

[Female voice:] As day turned to night, I saw the end approaching; No hope for us, but yet our faith stays strong; Kill them, hatred, flows inside my veins, This will be the end of our days; All is lo...

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11. Upheaving The Ancient Thirst

Uncoil, uncloak, remove, expose; Through mind, through heart, through flesh he rose; Naked, human, no more, I'm dead; Pure white, pure hate, a god instead; Power and might; Command this light; To surg...

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