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1. Accursed Domain

Accursed Domain; Accursed domain; A poisoned earth; Unconscious destroyers; Creating decay; Too toxic for lifes breath; A maeistorm of pestilence; Infecting clean blood; Contagious afflictions; Crawl ...

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2. Astral Corpse

Astral Corpse; Still the God of slaves; Punishes progressive thought; The hell in which you're born; Is destined to drag you down; Down to a lake of fire; Damnation arrives to seal your souls demise. ...

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3. Crack The Whip

You call me on the telephone, breathing hard and hot; You say you need a love like mine, to tie you in a knot; No idea you look so good I think you're someone else; You won't be cold and lonely, you w...

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4. Engulfed

Engulfed; Unexpected cold; My skin and clothes soak; Submerged in fluid; Terrible panic I begin to choke; Garments cling heavily; The weight tires my weary frame; Shrieking, crying; No one hears my dy...

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5. Imminence Of The Final Punishment

Imminence Of The Final Punishment; Satan is the master deciver; And the father of lies; Pulling blindfolds over Christians eyes; Destined to burn in the fires. ; Driven through caverns of hades; Foul ...

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6. Impaler Of Souls

Impaler Of Souls; Summoned by your fear; His power begins to rise; Pain is all that's left; Await your swift demise; Impaled upon the spikes of hate; Twisted visions seals your fat; Helpless cries are...

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7. Internally Rotting

Internally Rotting; Time is suffocated; Actions forbidden; Subconsciously paralysed; Internally rotting. ; Sucked in and churned out; By the force of lies; Swarming ignorance; Imagination dies. ; Chao...

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8. Malignant Dreams

Malignant Dreams; Inferno unleashed, a new dawn of time; The past is lost, the future is not mine; Burn the innocent, a sadistic reign; Murder by nubers enjoying your pain. ; Black night of judgement ...

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9. Repel Your Faith

Repel Your Faith; Rejoice in the sight of the mangled and stamped; Raging skull drillers in bloodied goat mask; Skinning Fathers, cast them into the fires; Behold, the hog headed God shall reign; Repe...

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10. Total Carnage

Total Carnage; Total carnage, a stranglehold; Violent rat race rages uncontroled; Eternal fires forever burn; Pain and war wherever you turn. ; Hour of dread twisting your brain; Self induced horror, ...

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