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1. Angels Are With You

Do not get lost in time; Today is tomorrow; Do not get lost in time; The limit is infinity; Do not be afraid fight; Barries exist to be overcome; Angels are in your favor; Do not be your enemie; Feel ...

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2. Blessed By Tears

I closed my eyes to the world to my past; And in my dreams my prays rise to (the heaven); My grass isn't green my sky isn't blue; But I believe in (empty words); Your broken heart in my hands my reven...

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3. My Last Days

I hope for my last days; I'm so sick, Is this my end? My pain imprision me; Fear is my greatest agony; (Trapped in fear) My mind is a prision; (I fight for all) For all I love; (All I know) Words abou...

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4. Pharaoh

Make the largest building in my name; To my eternal sovereignty; Before mere mortals dedicating their lives; To immortalize my name Queops; The Monopoly is real, indoctrinating minds to immortalize; T...

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