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1. Beyond The Mist

Slave in the land we born to take; Facing a new dare; Grey and storm are back again; Sons of space and time; In this place we cannot stay; Prisoners of hell; Against this cage we need to try; Marching...

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2. Dance Of Sacrifice

The sign of the Battle is; Ray of storms ripping the skies; Pray before the war begins; Feel the fury of river god; Rise the rite of the ancient guides; What is written along the time; Hell Beyond the...

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3. Eyes In Flames

Far away in the night Fear in the dark; There´s no way to get (it) ride No reason why; Every Pray I´ve claimed from deep of my soul; Every pray brings harm; I am lost (in) hidden mirrors; I feel cold ...

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4. Fall Of The Empire

Beyond the fog the eyes of war; Wait the battle sign; (To) destroy and burn the cursed land; A rain of blood will rise; The power around into this ground; Make us feel secure; To fight against the win...

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5. Requiem

For those who died defending true ideals. In memory, the culture and legends of all this brave warriors who raised the history of their empire and their lives. Now, rest in peace. Forever."; "Sombras ...

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6. Spells Of Mysteria

"The curse as narrated so far by the eyes of the forest:"; The Amazon woods hide mysteries that the human mind can't understand at all. The empire vast lands, engraved in the middle of the rainforest ...

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7. The Battle Of Moonstone

Brave knights call your god essence; Hide before the moon emerge; Night has fallen in battlefield; Tenebrae sounds of war; Night can draw the enemies; Turn their hopes in dusk and pain; Time for battl...

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8. The Curse Of Celith

Lost into her eyes, desiring her fate; Always a sin (an) abysm of hate; Through hidden souls in the realms of the damn; Hand in the screams from my mind; The spirit of the ancient; Inside my new home;...

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9. The Great Vast Forest

We cross the infernal lines to find the great empire; The ancient field of sun; The Forrest now is dark its power among us is strong; He faces us now with hate; In this god-forsaken land our hope will...

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