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1. Bows And Arrows

If it's the same story; I'll tell you again, but; Finding the pieces may prove; The battle that I can't win; I followed every instruction to a tee; But still somehow when I look in the mirror; I still...

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2. Chemical Feelings

Too many rounds in the chamber when I'm playing Roulette; When the reason that you play is to try and forget; The things we forgot to do last year; I got a plan, but the plan paid the rent; With the m...

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3. Collapsible Construction

Your plastic is corroding as you polish your smile; I guess you get and you give it and you stay for a while; Stay for a while; Temporary size of emotional bliss; Made for replacement, face the accept...

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4. Concrete Boots

Don't try to comprehend the demons; In your head, they'll tell you what to do; They're just trying to give you reasons; To move up and move past what holds you back; I sink like mafia concrete boots; ...

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5. I Never Thought It Would Happen This Way

No time for speech and sentiment, Put soda on the stain, That my burns cause, Put myself in debt again, I'm hanging on a string, Unpayed and burned out. ; It's way too bright outside again, I can't se...

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6. In Tow

Shutting down reactors and get; I'll go get packing again; We've been waiting for the time; That this would happen to us, my friend; Crack and move and it's you; And it's time to be out; Back it up, g...

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7. Mushroom Cloud

Saw a mushroom cloud; On the horizon, it won't make a sound; When the shock-wave comes; To consume us and everyone; Didn't see it come; Was here one moment, the next it's gone; Lock myself in a vault;...

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8. Underside Up

Hit me, hit see, I'm in the ground; Swimming in the floor below; Lovely outside, someone just died rolling around; It's someone you didn't know; Letting you down; Something I've found; Digging inside;...

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9. Unit 371

There's a minor complication in the product report, That 371 has a problem of sorts, It seems to be malfunctioning. ; It was traced in a cube under flourescent lights, There's a simple small error in ...

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