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1.; [VERSE:]; Reinvoke the great days of Sodom; Nail the virginborn to the cross; Make him suffer for the sins he commited; Who are you to judge and condemn? Reinvoke the great days of Sodom...

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2. A Nightmare Scenario

A Nightmare Scenario; [VERSE ONE:]; Down the walls; Nightmare comes crawling; A disease that will poison your mind; Lights, a colourful serenade before your eyes; [CHORUS ONE:]; Lurking beneath, now r...

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3. Armaggedons Blade

Armaggedons Blade; [VERSE ONE:]; Far from the nights of winter; Far from the palace of god; Clash of the unbound spirits; Oh, dark and proud they are; I behold the cursed ones; I behold the angered ey...

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4. By The Sunset

By The Sunset... ; [VERSE ONE:]; Spawned forth by souls damnated; Through sparkling flames, A furious purgatory; [VERSE TWO:]; Divine I am; Sevenfold wisdom in the shape of a fool; That lost track of ...

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5. Curse Of Chaos

[verse:]; You can't imagine this; A serenade for the immortal; Your think you can weep openly; Rearrange this and follow me; [chorus one:]; Wait for completion; Beneath the existence; [chorus two:]; B...

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6. Immemorial Ages

Immemorial Ages; [VERSE ONE:]; When darkclad clouds hide the moon; The stars shine no longer certain; If light don The darkness is no longer in slumber; [VERSE TWO:]; Words from immemorial ages reveal...

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7. In Dark

In Dark; [VERSE ONE:]; Totally unclear, a vision descent; Overvelming dark, black shadows rise; Forgotten in decades, finally risen; The sin, the call, Asmodeus; [Repeat verse one backwards]; [CHORUS ...

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8. My Will Teh Power

My Will Teh Power; [VERSE ONE:]; I am the servant; Preacher of black; I am the - Son of fire; [VERSE TWO:]; Summon Leviathan; Deep and from shore; Dethrone Jehovah; And end their fucking god; [VERSE T...

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9. Temple Of Retribution

Temple Of Retribution; [VERSE:]; I have stormed the gates of flesh; A shriek so evil tears the sky; I was born beyond the mist; Retribution - Hear my call; [x2]; [CHORUS ONE:]; Art of darkness; Aim at...

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10. Triumphant Grasp

Triumphant Grasp; [VERSE ONE:]; I hold the upper hand; In my triumphant grasp; Driven by hatred, driven to conquer; Unite myself to victory; [VERSE TWO:]; I am the past, here again; Enlighted by wisdo...

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