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Letra da Música The Immaculate Dead de Immaculate

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Journey into the Afterlife
Sons of Horus guard the Nile
Spells of death
Etched in scroll of sedge
Denial of what death shall bring

Hearts raging though
Their beating has stopped
Ib, the key to the realm of death

Weighed and numbered
Under the watchful eye
The watchful eye of the Jackal

Lightning strikes the desert
Atop the pyramids
No time to rot in hell
For what the future brings

Journey to the slaughter
Their names spoken for eternity
The lifeforce embalmed within
To protect the kings of the sand

Gods of Death'
Strike through the night
Defend out fragile souls
Gods of Death'
Embalmed m seas of red
Overflowing rivers bring life

We shall arise'
Two thousand years of death and decay
To take your life'
Desecrated for years by vanity s curiosity
We have risen'
Chaos our name we'll slay all the same
Rise from purgatory'
Spells of the dead come to strike m the night


We re the Immaculate Dead!
Bringers of chaos of death and despair
Made of Immaculate Force!
Harbingers of sorrow the reapers of fate

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Número de Palavras 145
Número de Letras 1048
Intérprete Immaculate

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