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1. Pass It On

There is a gift from Lord Buddha; I like to share with my family; Share it whit my friends; and take it round the world; and share it with all beigns; Pass it on, pass it on; Let the Buddha's wisdom s...

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2. Prajna-paramita Hrdaya Sutram (heart Sutra)

Arya valokiteshvaro bodhisattvo gambhiram; prajnaparamita charyam charamano; vyavalokayati sma pancha skandhas tamsh cha; svabhava shunyan pashyati sma; iha shariputra rupam shunyata shunyata eva rupa...

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3. To Love Is To Care & Be Kind

Be kind to all your friends and family; B kind to cats and butterflies and trees; Don't hurt the fishes swimming in the sea; Here is what the Buddha says to me; To Love is to care for all living aroun...

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