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1. Body Talk

Loved cant I just now you get do beleeved spring never; soldier the master,soldier the live,soldier the gost I beautiful night; no waylt my spokcer,only but away; (CORUS); Body talk,body talk, I new a...

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2. Changes

Imagination - Changes; Changes - I know you think you've got me where you want me; Tied up in the chains you know I can't shake free. Caught up in the trap you call affection. Now I've seen it all jus...

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3. Flashback

We're startin'up now we're on our way; Leaving all our yesterdays behind; Something special that we wanna say; Happiness is just a state of mind; Flashback; To the days when the nights were young; Fla...

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4. Found My Girl

Imagination - Found my girl; ; I can't believe the way i feel; just take one look at me; I'm clowning around but i don't care what people think of me; Today my love just fell from the sky; like peter ...

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5. In The Heat Of The Night

Imagination - In the Heat of the Night; ; In a cold hard world when you're out on your own; Oh; there's a cruel harsh word you'll get to know. No one understands what it's like in misery; All the grea...

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6. Just An Illusion

Illusion,illusion; Illusion,illusion; Searching for a destiny that's mine; There's another place another time; Touching many hearts along the way; Hoping that i'll never have to say; It's just an illu...

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7. Last Day Of The Summer

Imagination - Last days of the summer; ; ; Last days of...the summer; I remember the music; Our very last kiss; Watching you walk away; Leaving me hopeless, lost in a state; I can't explain; Standing ...

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8. Music And Lights

Music and lights - music and lights. Forget your sorrow; let it all fade away. Forget tomorrow; let's start living for today. Let me take you through a night of ecstasy; I like to hear the sound of a ...

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9. Thank You My Love

Imagination - Thank you my love; ; Remember the day; we first laid eyes on each other; YOu came my way; I walked you home and kissed ya; Thank you my love; For such a golder memory; you meant so much ...

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10. Trilogy

Imagination - Trilogy; ; It's been a long road and i'm tired; of all the heavy load; the targets and the goals; i played my last call; and i'm cashing in my chips; I just can't carry on; the strength ...

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