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1. Annihilate

The judgements of the last day; My nightmares come to excite; But little can I delay; As this world lights the fuse to ignite; My veins explode with venom; And my heart is poisoned black; Massacre dis...

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2. Atrocity

Torch the land destroy without pity; Tables turned legends disperse the enemy; Battle of the undead rise from hell; Broken graves desecrate all humanity; I can see iniquity; Close the door; From this....

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3. Chaos To Murder

Life can't be short enough; When the going gets hard; And the suitor gives up; No life is worth the pain; To strive for gold; And lose in flames; Your verbal words decay; Relive another day; This cage...

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4. Darkness Has Come

Child I see you here; Candles flicker than weep; Intoxicate I feel the hate... humanity; Mesmerized love it weaves alluring pain; Darkness has come; Tantalize the graveyard; Spaces between shadowed li...

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5. Fade Away

I cannot sleep; I can't the thoughts too deep; My clammy hands... The blood it trickles; To my feet though; I wept today; Why ? I forget; The sultry air; It turns to me; As though to say; Do you belie...

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6. Fallen One

The Antichrist; The one who's fallen; He stands alone with fire; He speaks to me; With words euphoric; My head it swoons with desire; Welcome to the first day of your life; A choice you made a long ti...

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7. Hell

Low behold the ground is rising; Just before the dawn; From the bowels of hell it's blazing; Evil clips the sun; What's going on ? Time stands still; What's going on; A loss of will; Devils become the...

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8. It Burns

In the land of the blind; The one eyed man is king; And a little nonsense now and then; Is relished by the wisest man; Your fire down below; Abandon ship; Toy with words; Words toy with you; Back and ...

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9. My Dominion

Transfixed by the snowy range; In the ice world so cold; Between the stilled mountain sleeves; The wind crashes and wakens; The air above the knoll; The slay with the dwarf inside; Raving wildly at th...

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