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1. Dispatch and Rescue

Sleepless, the clouded mind; I can't see anything; But your broken face match your falling star; I'm colder than the ice caps, but you're melting; Melting away; Dispatcher on the line; I'm on it who n...

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2. Finale

Replace my broken body parts; And put pieces back together with anything; To make us whole again; Replace my nerves with wiring; I'll swap my heart with a driving beat; Unlike before with this new bod...

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3. I'm The Monster

Come on and show yourself; You're a liar and a cheat; This can't go on forever; I see you hiding in the trees; I see you looking back at me; Where there were safety in numbers; There's no one left, th...

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4. The Lock

I hear cars stopping by, and the people coming in; I can't see any of them, Between the pauses and coughs are heavy breathing; I'm sitting here in silence, My heart is sinking deeper inside of me; And...

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5. The Madman

It's the way my leg shakes to the click; Of the gears in the clock; I'm staring into the future but I can't see; Past the sea of constant tapping; You can tell me to let it go; But you know it's not t...

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6. The Scrap Poet

I'm running out of time; I'm running out of time; Like it matters now you're free, its lost its hold on me; Please tell me what I want to hear; Wake up, wake up! Your moment's here; Please tell me wha...

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7. The Secrets

You're not searching hard enough! What am I supposed to do now? Start looking for the answers; Are they waiting in the headlines? Get up what are you waiting for?! Start looking up and search the enti...

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8. The Weapon

Don't quit I think he's alive! You've got your medic team on a stand by; And the latest news is going live on the air, I've got a million questions for you better focus now; While this barrel's in you...

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