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1. Aurea

She:; We were born with the tools to see; But the dogmas have blinded us; Following standards and fully controlled; Our conscience was buried; Now it's time to find our way back home; Through culture ...

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2. Betrayed Soul

She:; Wash away my sorrow; Leading the life that I forced myself to breathe; And now the voices are in silence; Then I can hear my wishing thoughts again; Free my wings; Free my soul; He:; How cold ca...

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3. Diana Christensen

Frank Hackett:; Mr. Jensen was unhappy at the idea of taking Howard Beale off the air; Mr. Jensen thinks Howard Beale is bringing a very important message to the American people; He wants Howard Beale...

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4. Hell

He:; Intense fire! Will I be sacrificed in this chaos? We need to be saved from this Hell we are in; You! In the sky; In the stars; She:; Me; I am your awakening God; I want to set you free; From this...

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5. Helm Of Blindness

She:; My soul is blind; And I was deceived by the time; How could I lose the control of my life to my own thoughts? He:; Your spirit is trapped; By your own addictive thoughts; Rescue him from this me...

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6. Howard Beale

Howard Beale:; What is finished it`s the individual that`s finished; It`s the single, solitary human being that`s finished; It`s every single one of you out there that`s finished; Because this is no l...

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7. Hypocrisy

He:; With our minds addicted to globalization; We lost our pure nature; And we entertain ourselves to the point; Of becoming thoughtless slaves of this circus world; She:; I don’t know how to face the...

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8. Imperial Heart

He:; I know your thoughts about your guilt; Please let me see your wounds; I know that’s more than you can believe; So show your heart to me; She:; It’s an endless torment; I need to believe we can be...

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9. My Astral Home

See? My life is not here; (If you could see); My real home; Peace in our mind; Wisdom in our heart; (We will be free); To be one Soul; (This vessel body); Is not your Self; (And our Soul); Knew it all...

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10. The Last Road

He:; Now it's time to do your last ride; And I will be your guard and your guide; Through the true road in this fake world; Reborn in Heaven; Or burn in Hell; Then you can be free from your sins; She:...

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