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1. Catch 22 (Feat. Anne Marie)

And stay, stay, stay, another round; 'cause who wants to live forever? Who wants to burn it down? Down, down, down, down; And we can paint the town; 'cause who wants to sing the blues? So some you win...

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2. Papercuts (Feat. Vera Blue)

Oh, God, my God, how she getting me; Even though we'll never get it right; and it's meant to be; My ego, her pride, some recipe; We're our biggest fans and our worst enemies; Ain't shy, let the whole ...

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3. Then What

Big man big man walk it off; Everybody talk it up; Off the record, off the cuff; Yada yada, bla bla bla; Now look, I'm not here to hear you talk; You keep going you get brushed; I'm Shania to it all; ...

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4. Tightrope (Feat. Scarlett Stevens)

I was like what you want me to do? She was like what you want me to choose? I was like well I didn't say that, but you know; Help me help you; I'm on the balance beam to keep you happy; Or say fuck it...

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