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1. Fvck The Vniverse

I wanna take you down; I wanna slit your throat; Fuck you; And raise hell to burn what's left behind; I wanna cut your veins open wide; I wanna plant eggs of parasites; And let them eat you from insid...

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2. I Hold The Sceptre

A nightmare; Within a nightmare; My mind has turned against me; In chemical warfare; Crawling in a tunnel; Without light at the end; Parlysed before my enemy; Adrenaline dead end; Assemble! Incarcerat...

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3. Mono Heart

Blood in; Blood out; Another jester falls before the feet of his queen; Blood in; Blood out; Some people are born to lose; Some people are born to win; She's the butterfly effect; The needle and threa...

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4. Rave The Reqviem

I beg of you, heal my heart; Absorb my fear with your tongue; Speak words of divine reward; It wasn't all in vain; I might be the one; I beg of you, touch my soul; Epileptical colourswashed in monochr...

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