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1. Demons Of War

Living without peace to run and never finding the light; We've been forced to leave our home to stay into the dark; Children will not know or learn which the path they need to follow; Strangely a gent...

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2. Go To Hell

Go To Hell; Illustria; Composição: Indisponível; Go To Hell; I am the feeling; I am the mistery of Gods; Spreading all in blood; You are the fearest; Of evil with memories to lie; And you always know;...

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3. Land Of Tomorrow

I can remember that day; All your pride fallen on me; In my dreams you return; As bright as the sun; I walk in a bridge to the stars; Where I found the sweet of your eyes; What I feel is so great; My ...

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4. Shining Star

Sleeping in the night; When I dream to tame a land; I'm the one that touch the sky; But the wings are burning me; Now I stand away and the night shows the way; I'm shivering in the winter that I made;...

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