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1. A Frame Of Beauty

A flash of snow-white skin; A fatal kiss; From bloody lips; A dream all dressed; In innocence; Eyes forgiving every sin; Yet in nothing; But eclipse while on my grave delusions dance; A sleeping fool ...

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2. Amarth

Dropped in muddy cloaks; We're attempting to get; Through this blustery night. ; Evitare exitium; Exanimare furia; Effugere incendium; Exanimare furia; Pretentious thunder clouds; Ascending the dark c...

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3. Arbitrary Asylum

Entombed in every broken soul; Looms a light-forsaken place; Contorting, breaking, taking toll; Leaving scars without a trace; Twinkle, twinkle little light; Where are you heading to tonight? Mirrors ...

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4. Arnediad Lor

Lashing on the black asturcon through the deep cold wood, Stormy wind beats her long hair in her pale face, At times she tentatively turns around, in her hand a guarding rood, Feeling the force´s brea...

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5. Ashes Of Times


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6. Cold Hands Warm Hearts

Countless worlds reflected in each diamond from an eye; That as the last one splashed and died forever ceased to cry; Sometimes I got up at night and gazed to the stars; Each like your wondering eyes ...

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7. Czlowiek Bez Twarzy

Idziesz przez zycie z podniesiona glowa, Z piersia pypieta i dumny jak paw. Nie ma procz ciebie nikogo obok, Tylko twoj wykrzywiony swiat. Wszystko zanurzone w ponurych farbach, Slonce zuca tylko wiel...

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8. Dead Warden Dreamer

The master of love yet a ruler of hate; To worship a life or sealing a fate; The slayer of hope leads the seeker astray; To open the chest and breakup the key; Indeed it’s the end of an infinite smile...

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9. Deathless Bites

From the time when I changed; Disturbed, greedy, dreary and dark; I was bloodthirsty and like a monstrosity; Red eyes, burning, devilish and evil. ; I´m flying through the night in search of sacrifice...

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10. End My Agony

Could it really be the end of the line? A way too short a tiny spark in time; Look back and cry over all the things undone; Open your eyes my fallen one; And leave your tears behind; They will be drie...

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11. Endless

Upon a slowly closing book; A path to the fall, the end of it all; The lines laid out in dearest blood; Upon a golden moon’s descent; Once high, so bright in newborn light; Yet refused the eternal dan...

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12. Icechild

I can't do anything... I've lost the time and eternity... I don't have. ; She is standing here dressed all in white; Dead eyes closed, skin covered with ice; What does she long for? Feeling the chill ...

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13. In The Twinkling Of An Eye

A short, inconspicuous moment; It appears to be completely irrelevant; Accidentaly their insecure looks cross; Bashfully they sink their eyes to the ground; Their paths went seperate ways; Slowly she'...

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14. Jack

He's got a long body with thin legs and arms. He walks along the street with a frightening charm. He wears a striped suit and black leather shoes. He is the master, he's got all dues. ; He is the role...

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15. Lost In Picturesque

I watch the sundown of my life; On these burning haunted plains; That once cared to make me smile; My utmost paradise on earth; I never gazed beyond the mountains; Guarding my scenery; And wandered th...

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16. Malicious Moon

Nemus obscurus – Umbra crudelis; A frightened lad stumbles through a creepy forest; Strepitus consternata – ventus mordicus; Biting cold pervades his fragile body and skin; Staturae exulatae – Oculari...

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17. Metamorphobia II

Now see what has become of us; And what has remained; You gave nothing to me; Except a moment of dead faint; I can’t recall the feelings; That I cannot show; No one yet believed me; With each goodbye ...

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18. Phoenix

Forever I've been one with the skies; Now dressed all in black and greys; All you can find in unseeing eyes; Are feeble tears of a dying blaze; Wings broke and hearts followed suit; As fire never dies...

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19. Silent Poet

Show me heaven’s melodies, gather me in your arms; Reaching out for immortality; A life to give to a dream above everything; Deserving all I ever have to give; Abandonment on you and I will fall too; ...

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20. Stormy Sea

Feeling a cold embrace; An awful craving putting me out of place; Forever hunting a moody heart; My book just begun but I can’t think of a start; Waiting behind the curtain, though silence is my cue; ...

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21. The Divine Puppet

Prayers to a gentle guardian echo through the air; I sadly treasure every word; Locked into a narrow lair; As the shepherd of your herd; Dependent souls and wonders to lift them up; I am but the spiri...

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22. The Fall Of The Chessman

Breathe in the eternal being; Feel the air as it tries vainly; To lend me wings again; Inhale the boundless hope; Beyond the fate of our mortality; Just a joke for a shadow; Breathe out waive my being...

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23. The Hand On The Doorlegde

Little girl; Lying on the cold stone floor; Her body distracted with pain; Bruises on fragile arms; The molestor finally went away; Everyone; Said: 'take care'; No, she's not responsible for that; She...

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24. The World Collector

It was like if the skies had kissed the earth to death; And if my soul opened widely up its wings; It was like if the wind had carried me away; Up to a silent star going bright before descent; It was ...

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25. Violet's Compass

Whether it's going to die; The eye of the violet unfolds; Caressed and treasured in my heart; And given all the time to wither; The needle guides me; To a tiny spot of calmness; Amongst flower-swarms ...

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