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1. I Need Ya Lovin'

1973, 14th of january that's my birthday; But i'm still thirsty of youyou crossed my heart and made it happen; My first inspiration before i start rappin'; No half steppin' ey yo peep my info; I need ...

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2. Pull Ot Ya Gutz

Here comes the rula child back with the buddha style; Lyrically a plus in front of your eyes booyaka; The drop topper soulshocker hardrocker; Verbal gunpopper all up in your block ah; What the fuck ha...

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3. Still Ill

Ey yo I'm still wicked like Ice cube I get loose; can't stop till I get 6 crowns in the juicewho am I iz the ill muthafucka; do or die we gives a fuck muthafuckerspittin' fire gimme that mic so I can ...

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