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1. Conscience

Still I contemplate; All these thoughts inside my head; Just like a blind man; Running through these caverns of death; It's so dark and lonely; I'm afraid I won't find my way; Back to my senses; Won't...

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2. Flesh N Bone

Could you find me; If I was dreaming; Lost and lonely; But I know I'm a screaming, darkened dead; Flesh and Bone here; And I am only; Given two eyes to read these fakes and phonies; surrounding me; Oh...

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3. How It Feels

You don't know where you are; Nothing is clear to you; To you; I see the same way; That many others do; They do; And I feel the pain; From what this worlds turning to; When you don't know; How it feel...

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4. No Time At All

Making today, better than yesterday; It's all in the way that you grow; So what do you say, is there room to obey; I can't take it this silence is breaking my mind; And it's shoving me out of my cage;...

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5. Safe

Can you take a break from you; Separate yourself from you; I never noticed a more beautiful you; But there you go; And I don't know how; You can't see now; That everything is everything to lose; Safe ...

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6. The Flood

I don't know if you heed to this; It seems it's coming down your way; I hold the beams that support you; It'd be a shame if they gave way; See my face, don't ignore me; I'm in charge now of your fate;...

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7. The Mermaid Song

And now we dance; We dance across the oceans floor; Below our troubles, our cares; They crush beneath our waltz; And I'm hiding from the cold; The water it keeps me warm; And oh this trance, the dance...

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8. Underneath The Shadows

Underneath the shadows that suffocate your skin; There lies a wall of envy made upon your sin; A common ground to build on; But one that will erode; In the wake of a stranger; One you'll never hold; S...

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9. Wake

High, you make me high; Come, come down from this; So you can; Wake from your dreaming; Cause this is so real; Wake from your dreaming; So you can feel me; When you can't stop the flames; From burning...

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