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1. Alone Again Tonight

When he's not around; I'm with you and we're happy. But he's so tighly wound. He doesn't care. I just don't see.... ; Why you talk to him. Why you put up with his shit. The candle is so dim. The room'...

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2. Good-bye

na na na; The girl on the beach; Is so out of reach; I'm not cool, I'm a fool; She'll never like me; I walk past her in the sand. I want to hold her hand; When i looked at her; She looked like she wis...

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3. Please Change

Watching You from a distance; Afraid to get to close. Hoping someday you'll realize; Who really loves you the most. ; I know that things won't change; But I'm still hoping every day. The more I hope, ...

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4. This Year

This year was lots of fun; Messed up, I'm glad it's done. A roller coaster; Take this year's posters off my walls. I'm not sad; These weren't the best times that i've had. ; This year, I sat here; And...

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