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1. Diablo

Ah, ah, ah, ah; Juan Mágan, Juan Mágan; Mouthful of pretty lies; Handful of dynamite; Every time you let me burn; If I'm being honest I just never learn; Tell me what's happening; Walls here are closi...

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2. Do It Yourself

You don't need to get it up for me, I'm fine; Keep your "happy ever after", it ain't mine; Bubble gum, I chew you up and run; Bonnie could've had a good life without Clyde; Cover my ears like la la la...

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3. Easy

I've been in the dark; 'Cause I love too hard; Now with you it's finally easy; One touch, I'm caught up in a vision; Can't get enough, can't get enough; No rush, you're always here to listen; Can't ge...

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4. Extra Fr!es

Friday night in a shiny pink Cadillac; Drive-in movie, you're all alone eating snacks; Big butt but got nobody to grab it; So what? you don't need no one to clap it; Stay away from your phone; girl, d...

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5. Fading

All I ever wanted was to find you; Find a love I never knew; I can feel the pain inside me fading; While I'm fading into you; Been to Paris, been to Rome; But I never found my home; Till you came and ...

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6. Fuck It, I Love It!

One second into talking; Boy you got me falling; Falling right into your fire; Falling right into your fire; Two devils on your shoulder; But I want you closer; Why you messing with my mind, ya; Let y...

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7. Get Off My D!Ck

Medicine; Lime and gin; I'm never listenin'; Happy pills kickin' in; I love to be livin' in sin; Start a fight; Got my pride; Touch me and I'm gonna bite; You better hide 'cause I got a big appetite; ...

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8. Royalty

I'm a blue blood; Make you sign a prenup; Way before you touch my skin; It's a long shot; Wanna hit the jackpot; Never let nobody in; Love a man who got manners; Don't be mad I got standards; So get i...

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9. Whisper My Name

Boy I don't need anybody else but you; I'm caught up in every little thing you do; I'm always scared of getting close; But I can never overdose on you; I don't want anybody else, it's true; Maybe it's...

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10. Eat My Brain

Scream and shout; With my whiskey mouth; Every night; Every night; In the crowd; I'm a broken vow; Every time; Every time; Run away, run away, run away, give it all up"; In my way, in my way, in my he...

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