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1. Ascent

The freezing rain ceases to fall on earth; The raindrops glitter like stars through the leaves; The man leans against a high cliff side; And mutters alone in an echoing deep voice; The man recalls in ...

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2. Closure

Now when the world has died; Invite the grief inside; The sun has faded away; The end on display; Naked, empty shell of flesh; Nothing left to bid farewall; Crashing, burning, take it all down; Scream...

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3. Delusion

The pale shadows flickered on the wall; Offering a refuge from the dismal glance; The man sat at a table with his hands crossed; And muttered a blessing in a drunken stupor; The somber room reeked of ...

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4. Fall

The man beholds the valley beneath him; And stares at the beauty of his last sunset; The light drifts away beyond the horizon; The shadows grow longer with the wind; The man looks at the light that wi...

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5. Forever Doomed

Can you see the mask on my face? Can you see the flames behind my eyes? Can you see the vision of dying realms? Can you see the mayhem inside? Can you hear the voices inside me? Can you hear the laugh...

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6. Frailty

An old man stares through the window pane; The cold wind is swaying the long grass; The man sits on a chair resting his weary legs; Weakness reflects from his withered skin; He is praying for strength...

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7. Grace

The yellow leaves fly with the wind; Covering the graves below the willow; The old man stands in the doorway; Wiping his eyes with soiled sleeve; He kneels at the foot of the graves; And touches the t...

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8. Lost Within Time

They are lost within time; The blind leading the blind; Wandering in the land of illusion; Eating and building dreams; I'm not summoning those; Who will not forsake him; Turning my back and laughing; ...

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9. Nothing Remains

Lost...it withers away; Nothing remains in darkness; Pain...it rises from inside; Hope will lead to insanity; Rage...it calls from deep within; The figures of saints are shattering; Sorrow...it scream...

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