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1. A Fool In Love

There's something on my mind; Won't somebody please, please tell me what's wrong; You're just a fool, you know you're in love; You've got to face it to live in this world; You take the good along with...

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2. Big Wave

Heaven; Is all around you now; In the light; Of the night; We watch; The stars will all come out; And take flight; It's all right; It's all for us; Into the great wide open; Of a universe; Where it's ...

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3. Dandelion

The day i met you; You were working at the coffee shop; Just trying hard to pass the time; And i could wait forever; For the other shoe to drop; Or i could say what's on my mind; I said i'll have cake...

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4. Deathbed (na, Na, Na)

The wise man said:; Don't ask me; All i know is you'll be sorry; Sorry when i'm dead; Dead and gone; In a bitchin' blaze of glory; Holding a grudge can take a lifetime; And there's a lot that i got to...

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5. I Thought You Knew

On the inside; I keep it to myself; On the outside; Got a poker face from hell; Well i haven't cried; For a long, long time; And i must admit it scares me; Did i finally learn; How to deal with you; O...

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6. I Want To Take You Higher

(Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!); Beat is gettin' stronger; Beat is gettin' longer too-oo-oo; Music's soundin' good to me; But I wanna, said I wanna; I wanna take you higher; Yeah, let me take you higher; Baby, ...

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7. It's Gonna Work Out Fine

Darling (yes Tine) it's time to get next to me; (honey that was my plan from the very beginning); Darling (un huh) I never thought that this could be; (What you mean) Oh yeah; Your lips set my soul on...

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8. Katy Cry

Your everlasting summer sun; Is fading in the sky; Labor day's a blurry fast goodbye; Take a picture perfect; Of a boy that's camera-shy; Katy cry; Oh katy cry; The discontent of winter; Looming large...

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9. Memory

What do you say to a stranger; Caught in a film noir; I can relate to your danger; But i don't know who you are; But i can feel your face; And i can savor your taste; And i can fall far from grace; Al...

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10. Never Take It Back

Sometimes you aim the world at me; When i'm only standing still; Sticks and stones got nothin' on; The words you shoot to kill; So maybe you're talkin' in your sleep; Maybe i heard you wrong; Maybe i ...

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11. Nutbush City Limits

Church-house, gin-house; School-house, out-house; On highway number nineteen; The people keep the city clean; They call it Nutbush; Oh, Nutbush; Call it Nutbush city limits; Twenty-five was the speed ...

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12. Poor Fool

I want to tell all of you that ain't doin' nothin' for me; And can't do nothing for me; You should tend to your business and leave mine alone; Because as far as this man is concerned; I wanna tell ya ...

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13. Pure

Five miles or a galaxy away; Where are you tonight; Across town i can; Hear your music play; I know that you were right; And it feels like an avalanche; Crashing in my head; As i listen to the poetry;...

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14. Revenge

I will take my revenge; On a road that never ends; 'til i catch you unprepared; For my attack; When i take my revenge; The one thing you can depend upon; Is i will be the bitch; Who pays you back; Do ...

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15. Trojan Horse

In this belly after dark; I swear that i can see you as you are; When i said you left your mark; I never saw it turn into a scar; But i've worn it well so far; And that's all you need yeah; I ride; Be...

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16. Welcome Home

Welcome home; It's so nice to meet you; Got things that i wanna teach you; But then it just might be; The other way around; I know that you're gonna change me; Just like i'll do for you baby; But mayb...

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17. When I Fall

Play me a song; That doesn't belong; On my radio; If you wanna go; I need to know; Just say so; But if you stay; You need to be brave; And help me, help me; To figure it out; 'cause life is about; A l...

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18. Y Dont U Come Home

Everybody's askin' where you are; And the truth is i cannot lie; When you drove off in your best friend's car; I was sure you'd be back that night; Well i used to count the days; When i thought it was...

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