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1. Clean

Clean; she'll take away your pain and you'll feel like god; but that is all a lie; you've had a chance, you didn't choose; you did'n know how much you can lose; i never let you down but you have chang...

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2. End Hope

rise, renewed and stronger; my new faith; undone; my new hope still waits; but in the end i know i'll be there to look upon your face and smile; no lies, no cries, time took it all away; just me, just...

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3. Forsaken

trade me in for another friend; sell my trust for nothing but dust; i guess we weren't strong enough; i see you never could be trusted; i see we were ever strong enough; do you feel alive now? after b...

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4. Heaven Is Ready To Fall

in your eyes hopeless look forever lies; in your heart emptiness crawls to tear you apart; for you heaven is ready to fall; in the darkness of your heart; in you there's no place for all the love i ha...

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5. The Fall

I've worn all my good faces and i can't hide my pain anymore; waterfalls dry off in time but not in my eyes; my love is all mine again her pain is all hers; close your eyes when your soul can't breath...

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