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1. Blood Sky

Blood Sky; In the dark of a corrupt world; Imprisoned heads in a eternal grating; See through of critic eyes; Feel everything hidden; Do you believe in mirages? Do you believe in dreams? Machines to t...

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2. Empty World, Empty Words

Why you follow me? The time has closing, raining; Searching a reason to the control; Hate doing me forgets all; You don’t live for you? Why you try to be what you not are? My hate grows every day; Emp...

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3. Final Touch

Final Touch; All the people live and die; In this place called (died world); My God forgive the peoples; They don’t know what they do; The ganancy just steal this place; The Judas betrays will forgive...

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4. Horror Assault

Fragile lives search for the peace; I'm hearing voices from the hell; The chaos transforms your mind; In the war, fragile men die; The death is just the start; Welcome to the your paradise; In the hel...

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5. Inside Of Soul

Inside Of Soul; All time killing us; All time feeling this pain; Because nobody sees; Close your eyes and feel the reality; In the mirror just the ignorance; Our world stands inconstant; No more the w...

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6. Kry

Kry; But...We look in the mirrors; And sees just a sick world; Those make me lose the desire to live; And this place…; **Your world…is not my world; **Faith…ignorance…; **Imagination; **Your God is no...

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7. Kurse

Kurse; And the things really never change; You want to give your lives; I can’t leave the end of this floor; Dreams wherever are a (stupid) boushit; I just want to see a smiley, but…; I cannot see a h...

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8. L.i.e.s

L.I.E.S; Attracted to inside of world; With a destiny choused; I don’t wanted for this nothing; But I found safety in the loneliness; I can’t live in this lies; I can’t live in this lies; You cannot t...

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9. Moonlight

Moon; And one day the death invites me; Why I can’t find myself? I am killing me to the few; You are there for guiding without way; I am locked in the darkness; Cutting me feeling this life without va...

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10. My Own Darkness

My Own Darkness; All the nights in all this time; All the times in all this nights; Raising my own rejection; Keeping me in other place; Where nor me could find; In the light of your eyes; My darkness...

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11. Owners Of The World

Owners of the World; I have you, see where you are, and see what you have become; He said you to kill, just kill; Fight, and when are in earth, continue fighting; Change your freedom to impediz they b...

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