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1. Anxiety

The taste of fear is so bitter on my tongue; A familiar feeling, so hard to break free; There's only so much I can do; When the world is; Screaming at my face; I need to escape, break these chains; So...

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2. Deceived

Where did I go wrong? Was I just chasing a ghost or am I losing control? Feels like my body is falling apart inside; A constant struggle of knowing what's wrong or right; But her voice still calls me ...

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3. Destiny

Just hope for a future and prevail this fight; I have the strength to carry on; But how long must I feel this way? I've grown so bitter about you; It was something you always knew; Can we forget these...

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4. Empathy

Everyone I once knew has faded away; This old town can never feel the same; 'Cause where the hell is my hope I once held? I'm leaving at first light, this is something I've never felt; I've lost my ho...

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5. Faithless

When the world comes crashing down; Where will, where will you be? Seems like you are never there for me; Through the hardest of times; Why can't you set me free? Why can't you set me free? Truth be t...

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6. Finding Home

All my life I wanted to be so much more; I'm tired of being second best; Maybe this is just a test, but how can I continue? I'm destined to fail; Always fading to black; Just let me go; All we are is ...

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7. Fraud

Just as I turned away; And you fell to the ground; All I heard was your screams; But you never made a sound; Never made a sound; These voices I hear are never truly near; Letting go of what I hold tru...

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8. Heavy Heart

An empty heart won't get you very far; You're drowning in your own mind; It seems so easy to end the pain; But if you do there's no coming back; Have hope and trust in my voice; There's so much to liv...

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9. Hollowed

Can I begin to start again? Let go and just forget the way it's always been? Everything that held me back; And everyone who didn't believe in me; Gone like a heart attack; Does it have to be, does it ...

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10. Illusion Of Leadership

Abusing your power and misusing your words; Betraying the trust of the people who need you the most; Satisfaction comes at a price, but when is it enough? Heavy lies the crown! Its not too late to cha...

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11. Lost

Don't forget me; Everyday is the fucking same; I can't shake the feeling that I'm to blame; You will never forgive me and this I know; I'm tearing apart the seams; I wish this was only a dream; Feelin...

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12. Made New

Constant lies echo through my head; As I lie awake lifeless; There is more to life than this! I am to be made, I am to be made new; Fuck all what I once knew; Now there is no turning back; As far as I...

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13. Memories

Can you take away this pain that I've been holding onto? I can't get out of this hole; These pictures and memories are all I have left; Why did you have to go? I try, I try to get you out of my mind; ...

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14. Mourning

Do you believe? Do you believe that I'm still with you? Or have you given up entirely? (entirely); I still see you all the time; And your voice rings so loud; Maybe this is what they call a sign; Noth...

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15. Moving On

Just don't waste your time and don't waste your breath; You've had your chance and now there's nothing left; Can't you see what you've become? I should have seen that look in those eyes; I should have...

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16. Nowhere To Run

Move; Well, come on; I built this wall; To protect me from all; Of your personalities; You left me to die; I should have never believed; Your pathetic... lies; You broke these walls; (These walls); Yo...

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17. Paralysis

I can feel you staring back at me; Another nightmare, I'm trapped in my own dream; Just close your eyes; What you feel is fake, what you feel is fake; All around the dark room; I can hear their sinist...

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18. Prevail Within

This is a new beginning! The past is dead and I won't ever go back; Hope for a future; prevail within; Prevail within!

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19. System Failure

All alone now; I can feel the walls start to cave on me now; And I have no place left to go; I feel the walls behind me; They're closing in around me; I feel the weight within me; Crushing my bones in...

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20. The Sleepless

We are the sleepless! And when the daylight starts to die, who will be left to save? Is this real or just a dream? Real or just a dream? I hope that one day this will end; I don't know how much I can ...

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21. Too Far Gone

I'm better off dead! Do you know what its like to be me? I'm walking this path so close and yet I feel nothing; Set me free; Release me from myself; There is no time to lose; I've got nothing left and...

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22. Vanquished

I wish I was a better man; Always a step behind despite doing the best I can; But I swear I'll learn to love myself; Not with yours or anyone else's fucking help; I know I've lost myself too many time...

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