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1. Blood, Death, Honour

Part 1; A solitary raven flies in circles; Above the fog shrouded field; Where lies a dying warrior; His blood sinks into the ground; As he honours his mighty foe; Who has vanquished him in battle; As...

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2. Emerge

I've stared into the flames; Of ancestral memories; Emerging myself within; My unconscious; With scarred eyes i've seen; The light and the darkness; My gods are true and pure; Once forgotten, now reme...

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3. Queen Of The Dead

Of her fate in the hands of Allfather; Hel cast into Nifelheim; Ruling the realm of the dead; She presides over the underworld; Crowned queen to those who perish; Other than in battle; Manifestation o...

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4. Victory Hail

The burning embers of the dragon ship; Carry my remains towards eternal realms; To be divine and true; Battles without scars behold; Chose to strive and not to yield; This long house being structured;...

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5. White Winter's Fields

Eyes of winter's cold; Stare upon us; White winter's forest; Stands before us; Elders once told; Of blood melting ice; Warriors hung from trees; And were sacrificed; Pierced by a spear; Blooded for Od...

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