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1. (satanic) Mayhem

Under the sign of hell; They bravely march on the fields; to kill your Lord; They'll gonna be your worst nightmare; Revengeful, slaughtering 'til no one left; Fearless-in the way to reconquer the thro...

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2. Idolcrusher

Pissing in the face of Christ; Raping Virgin Mary; Breaking the Holy Cross; Burning the False God; IDOLCRUSHER; Crosses shall be broken down; Churches shall be burned down; Christians shall die in tor...

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3. Necropolis

Oh, Necropolis; Betrayed by you own sons; Thy sovereigns forgot you….now you’re in ashes; Your curse follow your majesty; Ruins of a glorious past forbidden to mortals; Godless and proud; Your vengean...

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