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1. Age Before Beauty

Back in '67 we had barely begun, We though we were the Beatles, So we followed the sun, Youth wasn't wasted on the young, As the years went by, It was a matter of will, A little bit older, still chasi...

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2. L.a. Goodbye

Well my wave length gets a little longer, Every time I wave goodbye, Sentimental break down, You know I break down and lie, Where I'm not supposed to lie my head, Always seems my softest pillow. ; And...

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3. Moon Out The Phase

Sultry wind -- on the meadow, Midnight waits -- impatiently, What's this spell we're under, That holds us in its way, Should we trust our hearts, With the moon out of phase. ; See your eyes -- in the ...

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4. Mother America

She's the mainland, She's an island, She's the lowland, I guess that she's a highland, And I like to sing, This little song for her, Nothing much lately has really been sung, I wonder if she cries whe...

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5. One Hit Wonder

Each and every year - on the cover of the music trades, A brand new band appears - and rockets up the hit parade, And the polls they all predict - their light is gonna shine, But soon the latest pick ...

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6. One Woman Man

I guess I'll always be a one woman man, cause you do everything that one woman can, and my roaming days are over, even before they began, and I guess I'll always b a one woman man. ; All those other g...

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7. Spirit Of Chicago

Rider - on the new horizon - at just the break of day, The prairie sun is risin' high to light their way, America unfolds before their eyes, The pioneers - the new frontiers of paradise. ; And it's th...

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8. Superman

Faster than a speeding bullet, You're able to leap the tallest building in a single bound, More powerful than a locomotive, I'm here, I'm there, I'm everywhere, I'm always around, Well I'll be your Su...

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9. Vehicle

Hey, well I'm the friendly stranger; In the black sedan; Oh won't you hop inside my car? I got pictures, got candy, I am a lovable man; I'd like to take you to the nearest star; I'm your vehicle baby;...

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