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1. Bye

There was a time when I felt singled out; But here lately I felt nothing but doubt; Cause every time I try to change I see that look that’s in your eyes; Someday soon you’ll figure out yes someday soo...

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2. I'm Not Doing Alright

captivate me, players try and play; parants try and change me; im growing in my late teens; maybe, i have a chance to change things; doin the same things as the kids from the 80s.... ; im not doin alr...

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3. Left Behind

The sponge sits dryed up on the sink; four days have passed since the house was clean; locked out of the gates of my own harsh world; driving down the lifeless streets; looking up for worthless dreams...

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4. Losing Everything

Sometimes I sit home and wonder; if youll stay with me this summer; your on your way; no time to stay with me; blurry and cold; im on my own; say you wont go; say you wont go; your on your way; no tim...

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5. November Sky

lookin up at the november sky; thoughts of us they cross my mind; night time falls and out comes our generation; darkness overlooks the dawn of light; no where to run no where to hide ... the bus leav...

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6. Punk Rawk High School

Jupiters rain is so far away... the space between you; and i to be an isolate my mind is broken and my heart; is dumb... someone please tell me where did; punk rawk come from... ; punk rawk high schoo...

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7. Simple Song

My mind is thinking; but im still drinking; away the past and the night before; she is calling, but i am stalling, A simple song with simple chords; My mind is made up, we wont make up; so just give i...

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8. Summer Of 96

I met this girl at a movie flick; Was the summer of 96; She was sitting in the first row; Laughing, giggling telling jokes.. (where did you go); Where are you going. And where are you now. 2x; So we s...

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9. The Long Road Home

Travel along a stormy night; Get a flat tire pull to the side; Held back by the road again; The paths I tend to take; Are all a damn mistake; When will I learn; And your not here; And not with me; Why...

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10. Tomorrow

I tripped today, I figured out, I lost again, and I’m falling down; I tried so hard, I can’t believe I was so blind but now I see; So here I am, I’m feeling sorry for myself; But now I know when tomor...

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11. Why Lie

Amanda, face it, relationships are only how you make it; so take this into consideration; goodbye so long and ill meet you at the station; (CHORUS); SO PLEASE DONT CRY AND I WONT LIE WRITE ME ANY TIME...

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12. Will You Be There?

When she came along she took all the sadness in my life and threw it away; She came to me she held me close she said I’ll love you now and forever and a day. ; Will I spend my final days with you alon...

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