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1. Always Better

i met you in the parking lot at 10am; we found things to do with our time; run around town tonight; i'll take the trail marked on the map; it's always better looking out; i hate when i get messed with...

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2. Apricots To Armagnac

You know the potion is real; You know the light is there; You drive all the way downtown; Just to be alone; You fear your system is choking; But won't beware; Desperate to find a body; That won't go s...

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3. Bass Crawl

you know you must avoid; this unsteady nervous bound; affection that twiddles its days; waiting for you to come around; this love so under loaded yearns to fall; it is not what it seems; it´s exactly ...

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4. Catapult

Only to lose my foothold; Me inside giving up for real; The slope is hard; There's got to be someone; Got to find a way out of a bind; My legs grow numb; There's cotton in my eyes; Driving down to the...

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5. Clouded

my brain is slow; to catch up with all the joy; it's everywhere; clouded by only filth; i've left a trail of bodies; in my wake; up to ?? ?? through all these years; about the wrong way; to get around...

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6. Come Back Home

You won't give me a clue that I ever understand; But I know you're giving me what I need; All I've got to do is keep this reflection bouncing back; And you'll let me come back home

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7. For Granted

When you start taking everything for granted; That's when the light turns red; And you keep driving on the 101 forever; You know where you're going; You just want to get there; Eucalyptus trees have t...

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8. Goldenseal

I don´t know how evil this could be this side of me; There´s no thinking when iâ´m on the rise; This octopus is gonna spit in your eye; So guilty yet alive; Now that iâ´m on my way to steal you; I; I ...

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9. Have To Be

Seems the way that you see everybody; Changes everyday; It seems like every love - everybody; Should always feel the same; I wonder why; You have to be; Hollow; The sun lights; Every time every desire...

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10. If You Dare

So rough to hide; Like a barnacle; Where are you going; There is snow covering your blankets; You wish you could; Love the loving; How can you leave; With nails in your feet; Learn to live inside out;...

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11. Just Might Run

Your deep black eyes; have revealed to me; What your gonna say; If I get the nerve; To let you in on my little joke; That I’ve been living for; There’s nothing left for me; You're looking right throug...

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12. Kite

Tasted your air; And your lighter's smoke; But nothing ever let me go; Break my promise that keeps me safe; From feeling anything; Anything like this; And I want you to; remember me; And I want you to...

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13. Levitate

Everything you do; What does it add up to; Move yourself to be; Where you're going to be; When you are not here; Which is so darn much of the time; What are you going to do; To get back to the ranch; ...

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14. Live Today Again

And give me a chance to show you that I'm true; Just as if the sky were always blue; I have learned to not be here right now; I can ignore the animals in the background; It's so important to me to see...

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15. No One's Watching

Don't pretend to control; What the twirl does; A laugh tracks your way through; But no one's watching; The sameness bearing down; You lie awake without a thought; You walk around the house; But you do...

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16. On The Shore

I don't want to forget all the longing; For the good things gone bad again; Give me strength to raise the stare; Let me keep what I have to grow; Did I have the face of; A long lost friend who went do...

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17. Orange

Is there a question; I am supposed to know; The dirt from the trail; It has gotten into my lungs; The light turns orange; While the tank runs out; Never going down again; I'll never feel like that aga...

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18. Packing My Bags

Softly spoken heaven angel come and fly these wings; Take me straight to heaven i can't take a faster way; I think this all i can bear; I would give up anything to be there; I'm not ashamed of what i ...

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19. Pomegranate Bleeding

Pomegranate bleeding inside; Let it happen or wash it away; 'Cause i know these questions are looking at me; Baking in the sun there is no sheltering me; From the rays up high that i will not ever see...

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20. Santa Claus Is Weird

Every light is on fire; The final scene is empty; Your beautiful face is alive; What the hell am I supposed to do; I watch the meter drop; I can't think about external judgment; I wish you'd go away; ...

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21. The Mystery

It's a lie that's filled with reason; it's a chord you'll never figure out; and there's something about this machine; that tells you that this was the right thing; How can I bond with something; that ...

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22. Wandering The Fields

If you're given a choice you'll go where you know; That there's a weight that takes you down; Sometimes you see a chance it's leaving where you are; Not ready yet; Wandering the fields; Wandering the ...

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23. When Sunday Comes

Give me the flower that I need; I’ll take care of it; I'll add bleach to the water; I’ll follow the usual procedures yes, I will; I’ll take my time and I’ll nurture it until it dies; I am careful when...

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24. Yesterdays Unwinding

how can i take any more of this; unwinding back alone yesterdays stuff; and just when i think ive got you figured out; you take away my dreams; there is only sleep; i guess its alright; not to feel yo...

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25. You'll Get To The Bottom Of This

will you conjure; up the light; star dont matter; much at all; feel too good now; to bring the voices; to break the silence; filled with sound; like a windy; ? ? down; she will find out; that youre lo...

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