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1. Chrome

I was filling an empty life with empty lies; Closed inside my fortified self; I searched on the floor a reason for my own fall; And getting up was just beyond my strength; There is a day that I recall...

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2. Eternal Unlife

When I started; I was just going away; ...fallen angel in the net; My thoughts are now; freely roaming around; I possess a different mind; Free to feel electric dreams; wasted body no more mine; Now I...

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3. Inner Void

And outside, the mean insects; Called the human race; Have wasted their time; Have lost their place; And meaning

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4. The Hollow Men

Eyes i dare; Not meet in dreams; Cowering; Behind them; Keep on falling; Lying with you; In the wind; Of twilight time; Dying light; Remember; Let me live; Hollow men; You can't help me; Only choice y...

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5. The Net

Stand, in front of these; useless emotions have gone away; Creed, this is my reign; for shall I deny the flesh and the blood; Free, from space and time; A nameless design of reality; Cold, once felt b...

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6. Visions Of Numeric Life

Of myself I've no control; Glowing structures rise like walls; Prompting words I can't decipher; Falling now into the void; I touch matrixes like toys; In a strange deafening silence; Fearing no more ...

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7. Watch Me Now

New; The substance and the shape; The only remains of me; Is what I recall; New thoughts new dreams; New life forever; Just; Few traces left to show; What I used to be for the world; Don't think I'm s...

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8. Watchdog & Virus

Trying to know; What's your tag; From your code; Freeze the drain; I'm your pain; ...your control; There's a way; I will pierce; ...Into your core; Hold your files beyond the wall; You won't stop me; ...

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9. Wetwired

Please tell me now a valid reason; Not to leave it all behind; Your lies ablazed; The pools of pain; Drilled a hole in the soul; I had; I thought that; I could have been strong; There's no more reason...

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10. A New Gestalt

One crash inside my blaze; A feeling that i can't ignore; Like trapped into this core; The new strange sound of my voice; These hands, these eyes, are they mine? Upgrading inside the life; Ethereal se...

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