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1. Aces

All in, bring on the gin; Stakes are high, that's no reason why; I should not roll the dice and try; Will I sing or will I fly? Lucky pips, doubles the chips; Next station up, a table with flop; You k...

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2. Dogsmacked

I'm taking over now; What you call control I've ceased; Now on your knees; I'm all you ever need; I'm your light in life; Your guide to pure delight; And if you disobey; Eternal doom is what you pay; ...

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3. Flaskeskipper

De siste ara fra jeg fyrte av min pil; Aldri har jeg sett tilbake, hevet over enhver tvil; Har jeg floyet, har jeg gjennomployet mitt mal til en sil; De siste ara fra du fyrte av din pil; Aldri har du...

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4. Odin's Tree

When water is pouring in and all the rats are jumping ship; Beware the hanged man' stare 'coz he was there as; You are here on the edge; Sacrifice a victory, renounce and you will gain; See loss from ...

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5. Oil In Water

Days pass slowly still here a float, unclean unholy; Spilling darkness and this oil slick is; All consuming and will taint any shore; Bioremediation may stop this horrid liquidation; I go all in feedi...

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6. Skoal!

Where cold winds blow strong; At the heart of winter I belong (yeah!); Where the oceans rise; There can be no compromise; In this majestic Pagan land; We are fit to withstand; All religious fools; Who...

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7. Storm Seeker

Restless I stare as the sea; The ocean is clam, inviting and free; Time has passed. yes, another I was; For days in thundering storms I could blast; Saltwater summons the dried; A leatherback watching...

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8. The Blackmobile

A mean 318; Small block gasoline; Dual side pipes, love at first sight; Double 7 evergreen; Painted flat black; One coat roll; 4 inch lift behold; My 35's have 4 wheel drive; Now hear the engine roar;...

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9. When Shuffled Off

There! Did you hear that sound, feel that fear; The echo of a presence near, hanging in the air; Lower your voice; Give up on choice; Follow the trail; Unfold your veil; Find what you are looking for;...

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10. Windward

So I have been a stranger for a while; Doesn't mean I don't love you; I cleaned up, won a lovely wife and child; Time flies; Wish we could be closer; So I write these lines to tell you; Obvious enough...

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