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1. Get Fucked Up

Comedy 2000 baby; Iconz, street money, yall ready? C'mon... ; (Chorus:); If you smoke weed now; In this bitch hit you all wit a clown; Got a drink that you cant put down? When a fight, will the shit g...

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2. Innocent Child

My sweet innocent child; How can I explain; How I hear the nature cry; for mercy; How the greed and the power; sets the rules for you and me; Why we destroy and torture; out of greed; I wish I could g...

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3. Lovelorn

An amusing thought; A glimpse of your smile; The moment was short; But indeed worthwhile; You stole my eyes; You stole my mind; You cruel device; To me seemed kind; Your scheming act; That sinister ca...

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4. We Rise Above

Sometimes I feel that Im cornered; Cornered in my own darkness; Like a neverending pain; Always there to remind; Remind me that Im not allowed; to feel happiness; The empty eyes in the mirror tells me...

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