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1. Heaven's Map

I don't know why these faces follow my steps, oh why; I don't know why they affect which way I go; and why does this sorrow not push me down, oh tell me; you know, all that I've seen leads me out of y...

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2. Her Violence

her violence now binds me; her jealousy; it's her will, I breathe; within her latitude; don't touch the one; don't touch; this is about the two of us anyway; she'll keep clean everything, my name; I k...

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3. Innocence

It feels so empty here; you're still everywhere; these walls are closing in; all around me; I hear your sorrow; a new voice in my ears; I never felt this isolated; I still feel your near; secrets you ...

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4. The Knife

I don't wanna wake up to a morning like this; no one else can make me feel this sick; you are the knife in me; the knife in me; and now when I leave you, it's forever; and now when I leave you, I will...

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