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1. (rock On) Through The Night

Alright! Tonight's the night; We come here to play; Turn up the music; I've got something to say; I've been out on the streets; I'm back on my feet; Tear up this town; And I'll be on my way; Raise you...

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2. Danger Calling

DANGER CALLING; (Dan Wexler, Bob Halligan Jr.); No runnin'; No turnin' back; I made the first step; We're movin'; You take my hand; And make me forget; There's no use hiding; I can't run away from the...

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3. Frozen Tears

Well it's cold outside; But that goes away; It's cold inside; And that's here to stay; Until that time; That you make it your business to return; My spirit died; Such a painful death; A grown man crie...

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4. Hungry For Love

Ever since she can remember; She'd play with love and never lose; She wanted more than one man could give her; She'll find a way to get to you; HUNGRY FOR LOVE; Had a taste and she wants more; HUNGRY ...

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5. It's Up To You

You are the reason; I still survive; You keep believing I never lie; Those late night parties they drag me to; Can't think of leaving without seeing you; This song I'm singing I wrote for you; It's yo...

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6. Missing

Missing; (Bob Halligan Jr.); I stalk the killer; Through the night; I say it's murder; Don't wanna be right; Disappearance; No return, Can you tell me; What I need to learn? Where were you; On the nig...

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7. Naked Eyes

I'm fallin'; I'm callin'; Out here on the edge; You don't hear me; Nowhere near me; Has the last word been said; My lonely gaze-; Lost your sweet protection; No more days-; Of wearin' your reflection;...

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8. On Your Feet

I've been messed with; Been pushed around; Been knocked down to my knees; I've been kicked; Been shoved; But you ain't got the best of me; And now you know; We are the show; You people all came to see...

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9. Out For Blood

OUT FOR BLOOD; ( Dan Wexler, John Aquilino ); Been up all night; Gonna raise a little hell; You'd better hold on tight; I'm messed up and ready to go; I got to get it right; I don't want your money; I...

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10. Raise The Hammer

RAISE THE HAMMER; ( Bob Halligan Jr. ); You're deceiving me; You're mistreating me; Yet you still get away with it; Maybe I am wrong; It's gone on so long; If you do wrong; You will pay for it; Crimin...

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11. Rock My Radio

I, wanna ROCK MY RADIO; I wanna Rock, my radio; I wanna rock, Wanna ROCK MY RADIO; I wanna rock, my radio; I'm so sick and tired; Being told what to do; If I don't get my way; Then I'm just about thro...

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12. Shot At My Heart

SHOT AT MY HEART; (Dan Wexler, Stephen Clifford); I never said, it'd be easy, Why are you making it hard? I knew our love was a gamble; From the cut of the cards; Just give me one good reason; Before ...

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13. The Whites Of Their Eyes

Black leather, Red lace; Sway to the sound; We're turning this place; Into a battleground; So hot I'm gonna soot; Six string at the ready; Loaded, aiming at you; But I'm holding steady; Don't fire; 'T...

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14. World War

You better get ready; And hold on tight; There's trouble ahead; We're in for a fight; It's one on one; And one for all; United we stand; Devided we fall; The bloodiest sight; That you ever saw; We're ...

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