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1. Babes

I saw there, in the rain; In the leather jacket, a killer babe; I told you so, so don't you know; We're the same, I'm a killer babe; Babes, ... and chills, ever; She was dancing, a killer babe; Back a...

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2. Cycle

I can feel, the cycles in; And if all goes well; I'll do it again; Dance dance, who am I? Close your eyes and hold em tight; The sun is slowly rising; Sleep sleep through the day; Who could care less ...

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3. Heat Lighting

How strange to feel this way; Play it cool, the fever; Everything that I have been dreaming of; So real, a woven tent appears before me; Heat lightning struck the sky; Could only think of you as it wa...

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4. Living In Fiction

Climbing up the walls; I don't really want to talk; I don't want to do that shit again; Being fed lines of fiction; I tried to walk a straight line; I tried to separate my inner tears; From visions; B...

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5. Stark Weather

I would kill a man down at the gas station for you; I would kill your parents, and your baby sister too; I would rob a bank, take all of the cash; Anything to be with you; They can't take our love, it...

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