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1. Lost

Take; Do you feel fear? Just like you; Take; Do you feel fear? Loss, loss; Pray; And so, and so; And feel, and feel; Loss, loss; Oh, oh; Search within, and search without; Only boldness saves me now; ...

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2. Revolution

Every Every; Everybody Everybody Everybody; Worthless light beyond all means; Condemnation, rollers down street; Violence centre stage; See the wars burn with rage; Everybody; Everybody, victims all o...

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3. Solitude

Find me all alone; Isolated from reality; Lost inside a frightened sun; How can I endure to find my peace; I am old; I'm never needed in this life; Solitude; And though I fall; And though I battle dow...

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4. Your Eyes

The strongly more I see in you; I never meant to be unkind; Your misery, your place, it's written on your lips; And I can see it all in your eyes; In your eyes; The truths in your eyes; Another day fo...

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