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1. Abundant Living

I will outnumber; I will outdrink; And crash through borders; Abundant living; In the gaslights fire; I felt the power; As the mist came down; Hour by hour; And when I fall; I'll bring it all; Down he...

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2. Awake

Awake; In an; Ocean; Of memories; It's rise; In me; Is sudden; Forced to confront; Drowning; In these; Impressions; Its coming back; So real; So near; So sad; Nothing left; In pleasant cages; Through ...

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3. Burning Hand

There's a guilt; Deep within; In divine soil; Blossomed into sins; Reaps foundations; A burning hand; Leads my fingers; I touch through skin; Damage everything; Misadventure; And I; Cut through time; ...

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4. Cimmerian Shade

It was light seen through structure; Landscapes seen through a prison cell; Staring into the warm summer night; Trying to focus my eyes; I want to hear the silence in my drunken comfort; But voices th...

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5. Coalition

shake us; Shaky shake us; Fly tonight to say; What's to take up; What's to take up above the gates of the; Chorus; Somehow things last till I die; For a show to feel animated; Is that face integrated;...

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6. Ecstasy

Now there just passed on another day; Where I really wanted to get away; From the problems that I built up; Can only see one way to make it stop; Unable - I'm too bound; I wanna Get away from what Ive...

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7. Everything Drifts

My hands search for a stab; Target is unclear; Substance seems more vital; For each jab sincere; Roses crawl up my ankles; Lillies leading my arms; Maybe we were made for this; Causing harm; Dare you ...

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8. In Haze

Come aid your wounded limbs; I know that you're hurt; Don't hide your bleeding hands; You know it is overt; One barrier to hold you back; Is that not the truth; Acknowledge and move on; This is for sp...

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9. Interlude


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10. It Might Hit First

Waiting; Waiting; Waiting; Waiting; Under this; There's a restless fear; A vicious change; Tomorrow's tears; A distant light; From an orchid's glow; Seems to be somewhere; Waiting for better times to ...

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11. Let It Vanish

What's gone is best forgotten; The past flown miss; Is purposely spared from my raining bullets; To keep away from consequence; I gave you life; Comprehend that I gave you life; To see it disarray; It...

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12. Morals

These arms they never reach; Far enough; These shoulders never strike wide enough; These teeth they never cut; Deep enough in; My skin; To be someone like you; Unable to face basal demands; To be some...

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13. Plowing Into The Field Of Love

All those brash young studs; They have no idea what its like up here; I am that ragged figure of a man; Standing in a mansion window; Looking down at the strung out refugees; Some men would question w...

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14. Remember

I know It will break out; All that you have been given; Feel it flower underneath your skin; Unless you let it shiver in; And I keep myself within; This long and holy light; Remember, these days; It's...

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15. Rodfæstet

En sand forbindelse; Rodfæstet i frekvenser; Men nogen bølger springer over linjen; Og efterlader den anden usikker; Efter al denne bekræftelse; Hvordan kan du stadig tvivle; På om rødderne strikker l...

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16. Simony

Bit into flesh much like my own; Electric skin; Like none I've ever known; Idle chastise; This dumb harlot just won't learn; In these arms is all she ever yearned for; The passing of this night burns;...

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17. Wounded Hearts

They ganged up upon us; Straightjackets and chains; When we appeared broken; They forced in their way; Nothing in their eyes but; Fear of something untamed; And why are we here now; Bounded comfort; W...

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18. You're Nothing

Ways to protect; This hollow shell; So inhumane; Remove yourself; From patterns laid; All through a life; Look at yourself; That's right you're nothing; Feel the void grow; You see you're nothing; Sel...

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