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1. Alucard

Watching through the curtains; Into your bedroom; Like a beautiful flower; Now you've come into bloom; Many I've taken; And many have died; Only the chosen one; May become my bride; Stole away in the ...

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2. Aquageddon

Is that the sun? Or is it the anti-moon? They say the spots on the surface; Speak of impending doom; 8 hundred million miles; From anywhere; See the light burning still from an; Ancient solar flare; B...

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3. Flowers

When they bury me; When my head pours into the ground; My thoughts will all grow flowers; Sprouting out all around; Some will be violet; And yellow and green; And others will only be black; They'll te...

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4. Hexagon Riders

Interlocking hexagons; Marking their chest; Riding six grey horses; Taking you to your death; See the gleam of pitch black steel; Their minds no longer think; And their hearts no longer feel; Hexagon ...

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5. Interspecies Communication

We breathe in; They breathe out; They breathe in; We breathe out; Interspecies communication; Mayans and incans; Ancient egyptians; Spiritual men; Found god through ingestion; The burl and the root; T...

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6. Light Years

I can feel the morning sun; From all around; I can see you standing; In your autumn gown; Such beauty we have never known; The earth agrees with me; The flowers lose their color; And the birds no long...

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7. Meddoe

Speak to me of flowers; Speak to me of spring; Speak to me of branches; With their fallen leaves; All things need to change; All things stay the same; It's a great galactic cycle; With an infinite ran...

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8. Mistress Death

Looking to find; The distraction I sought; I did not; I did not; A race of ancient mercenaries; How weak they fought; How weak they fought; None proved a worthy adversary; They all fell at my hands; T...

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9. Poseidon's Grasp

The rays of the sun; Shine on our helmets at dawn; We take to the sea; To find the ancient one; Pulling away, manning the oars; To know only strangeness; And distant shores; Moon and the stars; Shine ...

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10. Spellpouch

Rolls of parchment thin from time; I carry in this pouch of mine; Spells of love and spells of hate; They've taken years to calculate; I reached into my spellpouch; And I drew a spell out; Cast upon y...

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11. Squares Inside Squares

You say you want to take the sidewalk; You don't want to walk in mud; You would make the whole earth sidewalks; If you could; You'll make your throne of stone; And I'll make mine of wood; Yours will s...

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12. The Watcher

Here come those sounds that I hear in my dreams; Where astro-logic takes the place of reason; All is not well, all is not what it seems; Star patterns in the sky change with the seasons; The warlock s...

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13. White Tusks

Space boar; Driving at the heart of man; Space boar; How much more can he withstand? Standoff in space; One of us must take; The other's place; White tusks; Reaching toward me; White tusks; Coming for...

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14. Winged Prophet

I went walking one rainy afternoon; And I did see a mighty loon; He swooped down in front of me; And raised his beak; He turned his head toward me; And he began to speak; He said darkness was on its w...

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