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1. Aquarius Rising

The beginning of the end, it's Aquarius rising; Entering a new light, Aquarius rising; Will we ever live again? It's Aquarius rising; In a world about to die, it's Aquarius rising; Oh time won't wait ...

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2. Awaken The Mountain Giants

Alone outside his village, a young man hunts with crafted bow; His tribe would surely banish him, if they ever were to know; The elders had taught him, even in times of peril; Never raise arms against...

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3. Black Candles

He's the fire in the dead of winter; Igniting fear in the sinner's heart; He is the death card among the tarot; He's like the wolf tearing the lamb apart; Well I've seen the devil's eyes; They burn li...

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4. Capture The Magic

Behind the looking glass is a world of its own; Reflecting a distant past, imagery of the unknown; A vision that chills to the bone; Have you ever felt like you were facing the end; Never to see the l...

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5. Curse Of The Ice Maiden

High above a lush and fertile landscape; To a place where the sun has never shown; Entering a tomb of no escape; Inside a crypt of ice and snow. ; An Ice Maiden lies dormant in wait; In a cryogenic sl...

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6. Darklands

A foreboding sign, as time turned a page; In a land condemned to night; The few men that remain, took to the plains; In an eternal battle for light... ; No sun to brighten the way, nothing to divide t...

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7. Dragon Ryder

In an age when Dragons ruled the Earth; There was one with the power to command; Veins were full of fire; His heart pumped Dragon's Blood; He was dubbed

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8. Draw Down The Moon

"I invoke thee and call ye forth; Oh sacred mother of us all"; Oh yeah another ceremony; Oh yeah another sabbat; Oh light the candles again; Then cast the circle; Coveners purify; Oh my holy priestess...

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9. Dying Eyes

For now the time has come to say goodbye; There are no more dreams of love to hide behind; There's no way to change things; There is not a prayer; Nothing else is left to hold up to our hearts; But a ...

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10. Fevermore

Two young lovers unite in the land of the rising sun; She's the daughter of a tyrant, he's a mighty shogun; She knows they will never part, he knows they both must die; He has disgraced his family nam...

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11. Funeral Wine

I'm waiting for the dawn of unholy desire; Where lost loves remain; Where nothing will ever change; Oh it's just as well; For the devil walks behind me now; Awaiting my final day; I can't break the sp...

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12. Haunting Visions

It started with a faint reflection; A crying face in the mirror; Some blamed spirits for her death; Others say it was her sins that killed her; All night she'd have visions; So frightening and dire; S...

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13. Mirror Mirror

Mirror mirror just watchin with your eye of glass; You're just a fortune wheel with something that I wanna ask; Mirror mirror got my fate lyin in your hands; You're the fool, you're the juggler; Hangm...

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14. Nemeton Forest

Far across the plains, beyond the hunter's eye; Stood an ancient monolith binding the land to sky; Within the darkened woods; Remains unseen for centuries, a Celtic denomination; The legends told a st...

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15. Reap What You Sow

Into eternal fire where the wicked burn; Destiny for the liar; And there is no return; In the end we will get what we gave; Don't you know it's no secret; Before you take to the grave; You reap what y...

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16. Roses On White Lace

I saw you in your wedding gown; The prettiest dress; I came into the room that night; And made such a mess; In my own way, I lovingly kiss the bride; With your ring in your hand; Your eyes and your mo...

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17. S.a.t.o

S.A.T.O. ; Now I find peace of mind; Finally found a way of thinking; Tried the rest found the best; Stormy day won't see me sinking; I can't conceal it like I know I did before; I got to tell you now...

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18. Serpent In The Garden

Cast out into a world of lies; For they have seen the end of their paradise; They were inherently evil; With no chance to be saved; Oh a beckoning, the lust and deceit; The forbidden fruit tasted oh s...

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19. Soothsayer

As she reads my palms, her crystal shone like the sun; She said she was nearing her end and that I was a chosen one; With one turn of her hourglass years gone by like the shifting sand; In search of t...

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20. Storming The Castle

Tonight, tonight we will rise; We've come this far, there is no turning back this time; It's time, we're going over the wall; With the element of surprise on our side the fortress will fall; The king,...

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21. The Ghost Of Xaivor Holmes

As he sailed into the shadows of darkness; He prayed to once again see the light of day; {July, 1807}; In the vessel's log a dying man had written;; "I've lost my captain & crew to a darkened watery g...

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22. Winds Of Atlantis

n the golden winds of Atlantis; Their ships were carried to sea; Bound for a new age; Kingdom and faith; No man - has ever seen a world as foreign as this; No beast has ever walked in their paths; The...

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