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1. Chaos

Rolling tears // Crawling around; Screaming faces // On the ground; Chosen … for a corpse; Delivered … to the skull; Rending … of the bowels; Devouring … of the flesh; I chain you ! I bind you ! I del...

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2. Daemon Whispers

we all fear what we do not know; this life seems to be like a ball; running down-hill into nowhere; Face your fears; Fear the face of evil; this open book is out of limits; try to complete the 6 th ch...

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3. Hollow Stones

Hollow Stones; Look into these desolate eyes. The deeper you'll dig, the more you tear apart.. This life is nothing more than some hollow stones; Caving … against the grain of time; … I died once agai...

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4. Maze

Tiny creatures crawling, slowly through this dust, searching their ways into death; In contempt of the truth, many of them will not achieve their mission …; Ignorance will be your guide through the (m...

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5. The Many And The Known

drinking of the swamps in the darkest time of times; feeding on your flesh with delight; cursing in the light of the fallen star; demons I' m invoking thee ; in – this – night; creatures in the shadow...

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6. Traces Of Despise

the flame crawled to death; by the injure, caused by your hypocrite soul; those lies leave no traces …; down on my knees … not once again; devoured through the seas of time, my; once flourishing …; wh...

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