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1. Adelita Rose

rings on her fingers and bells on her toes you know she is my sunshine wher ever she goes ladada dedede ladada dedede she is my sunshine wher ever she goes Adelita Rose stay in your own little bed ton...

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2. Alcohol In The Bloodstream

I came home to find you were gone On a cold grey morning I remember now that's the way you said it would be Like living in a bad dream Alcohol in the bloodstream Goin' to have to do - 'til I forget ab...

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3. Barrel Racing Angel

In the Arizona sunlight In the Colorado moonlight When; she gets there it's gonna feel alright Now she's; feeling so tired She got her big bay horse The one she; calls the Rolling Sun The hard running...

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4. Fifty Years Ago

If I could roll back the years Back when I was young and limber Loose as ashes in the wind I had no irons in the fire I could ride them wild young broncos The adrenaline came quickly And Juanita down ...

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5. Four Strong Winds

Four strong winds that blow lonely, seven seas that run high; All those things that don't change, come what may. But our good times, all are gone, and I'm bound for movin' on, I'll look for you if I'm...

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6. Jaquima To Freno

Jaquima to freno he's an old vaquero from another time hands as fine as the dealers of reno he's been to the ocean he's been to the sea big long tapaderos hangin' both sides of an old visalia tree; He...

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7. Navajo Rug

Well it's two eggs up on whiskey toast, home fries on the side, Wash it down with road house coffee, burns up your insides, Just a canyon Colorado diner, and a waitress I did love, I sat in the back n...

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8. Spring Time In Alberta

Should've seen it in your eyes; I could never read your eyes'; So lost in love was I; It always takes me by surprise; You were dreamin' of the south land; How your love comes and goes; It's just like ...

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9. Summer Wages

Never hit seventeen When you play against the dealer You know that the odds Won't ride with you Never leave your woman alone With your friends around to steal her She'll be gambled and gone Like summe...

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10. The Wonder Of It All

There's this place we're gonna ride; Up where the rimrod meets the night; We'll go hand in hand; Ridin' through the purple star light; And the coyote on the wind; Sends his lonely lover's call; We'll ...

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