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1. Ain't No Big Deal

Chorus:; It ain't no big deal; Just leave it alone; Ain't no big deal; It ain't no big deal; Just let it go; Ain't no big deal; Though you may think; That you know; Everything about me; You truly don'...

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2. Catholic Music

She came to me late one night; Talking about the moon and light; I wrapped her up, caressed her face; Touched her hair, kissed her cheek; And then listened to her speak; She said; "i tend to lean towa...

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3. Day Or Night

Need to get out; Need to dance; Wanna feel the bass pump; Wanna see the strobing lights; Wanna feel the heat; Wanna use all my energy; Chorus:; Need a body; Not anybody; Day or night; Need a body; Not...

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4. Generation Gap(s)

he old man, he says; "Kids nowadays are far too ahead of their time. Stuff they know now I didn't know 'til I was at least 22."; People just walk by, thinking "Stupid old man... Ranting and raving so....

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5. Only On Tuesdays

Life poses so many damn questions; You can't answer half of them; It gets so irritating sometimes; Don't think I don't know; Your Peter Pan Complex really pisses me off; You try to hang your shit on m...

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6. Salamander Mastermind

I'm alright; I'm not ill anymore; Take your time; As you walk through the door; Do your thing; Because you just do it so well; Better than me; We both know it's not the same; Chorus:; It's not the sam...

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7. Velvet Goldmine

She spent twenty years in the Dakota; Every single day it was black in the Dakota; Riot grrrls think you can stop me; And you're forever in her debt; Well I know you haven't sent me; And you haven't s...

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