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1. Dead Seeds

We want change, but we lack the courage. Just go on with our daily routines. The only thing we still have in common, it is our history. We're just running in circles, banging our heads against the sam...

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2. Drifter

Spent my whole life drifting, trusting my life on the hands of fate. The winds take me to a harbor every now and then. But how long can I go on like this? Without setting my anchors, drifting away. ; ...

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3. Forever Nights

Let me make it clear, I won't do this for you. I will stand my ground, I have paid my dues. Put on a new face, start bleeding new blood. Crank a new sound, the paint is peeling. ; Just forget the past...

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4. Ghost On A Tightrope

The time of innocence, do you remember? To push the limits of your consciousness. You closed your eyes and your mind too. Opened up the door to the other side. It occupies your time, fills the void wi...

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5. Grand Collapse

It's already 4 a.m. and the walls start to bleed. Is it part of these schemes, I failed to conceive. Is it a sign of a grand collapse? I'm tearin up the sheets. Do I have to hold it back; or let it ta...

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6. Hollow

Is this really my place in the world? The waking hours I dream; and search for something more around me. I cannot hide the broken face; that once veiled the broken mind. But we all lie so well, it's a...

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7. Just Like The Rest

I'm on the roof of an office building, on a railing of a bridge. Not even a razorblade; made me feel or sense anything. I don't belong in this body, I don't belong in this life. Don't wanna wake up to...

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8. Purity

No Stations receiving my s.o.s. The signal's buried in this concrete graveyard. Antennas and radars sending beams; to our brain cells so receptive, yet so fragile. ; Manufactured replicants. They haun...

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9. The Man Without A Name

I watch the clock; and see my time go down the drain. I'm just waiting for the weekend; to numb the brain. I am a man without a face, without a name. I keep occupied, so I don't have time to feel. ; I...

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10. When I'm Gone

You stuck a knife deep in my flesh again. You're twisting it around until I don't feel more pain. You tore me up in pieces today. I'm on the floor and you just walk over me. I don't know if I even car...

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11. Where Strangers Meet

I wanted to go outside the fence. Follow my instincts, not common sense. And I found an adventure that never ends. There's people who walk on their own two feet. They're not afraid to admit defeat. Bu...

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12. World On A Pyre

I saw her pass me by, but she didn't cast a shadow; Did I miss something or am I getting paranoid? This sure looks like a funeral, a neverending feast. The pyre is getting bigger in front of me. ; She...

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