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1. Dimensional; Separation

Dimensional inter collision; Separation of the vary worlds; Singular unending mass to bear creation; of gods manifestations; Dimensional Seclusion of god's existence; from evolutionary creations; Envs...

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2. Ethereal

I, The Human Amidst This Earth; Gazing at the stars, Depicting Infection; This is Hell; An empty shell where the Righteous Fell, What have we done; I, Deceiver; This mask conceals, So I may see the en...

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3. Evolutionist Structured

Origins of god's first manifested creation; Born uni-sexed into an empty blackness; Prometheus, condemned forth; To structure evolutionary cycles; Born of immortality, born of creationism; Born of evo...

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4. I Am Free

Eyes and sharpened teeth, Smiling at me; Wake up; Sweat is dripping out; Can't really see through the blur now; Just another fucking nightmare, Put on a fake smile and pretend I don't really care; Why...

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5. Mind Speaks Aloud

Wrote this song, Scratched it wrote another one; None of em measured up to what I want; Fuck this shit, I'm over it; Hit the bong, Ideas slowly come along; Then I just veg for for too long; Fuck this ...

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6. Moon

Moon; My mind slips, Do I flip, No I don't cause it ain't shit; Boom; The moon shifts, Reality begins to rip as my mind trips; The world around me is changing; I see something, Something from hell I c...

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7. Prometheus

Rebirth, born absent creation; Re-manifest to descended existence; Where light shall not seep; A imperfection of evolution expires; A treacherous god has awoken; Manifested from ascended life; Revocat...

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8. Rebirth; Void

Interference unto imperfections creation; denied from god; Living lifeforms extinction, god wont exceed; Creation shall thrive, life won't devolve to deformation; Separation of multiple worlds; transc...

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9. Sacraficial Birth

Set astray, a neglected, abstract design; The scriptures, reformed to personal vision; I deem existence to be mine; Creations of imperfect design; Creations of substance, synergies of heat and cold; O...

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10. The Black Sun

Welcome to oblivion; The darkest night is all we ever see; Pollution falls from the blackened sky consistently; Staining the earth with desecrated ground; Deforestation set place; Here we stand before...

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11. The Blood Beneath My Nails

Why do I love the void? What have I become? I am not the same, I am different in ways; Completely insane; Hell is but a place, I'll find it some day, The devil awaits; Worthless being, I've walked the...

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12. The Witches Den

Moons full at the witches den; The slime are out to eat; Indulging in shame, Filth and decay is what they crave; Place of forgotten dreams, Come and devour me; I sit in the corner watching snakes spea...

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